Monday, 22 September 2014

Men's vest

This is a project I took on at the request of my son, who was looking for something less formal than a sportcoat and dressier than shirtsleeves for going out with friends.  At six-one and extremely slim of build, he was having difficulty finding anything in RTW that fit both his frame and his budget.    We decided on Burda 7799, View A (notched collar and no breast pocket) in a nice black/white herringbone tweed, with a burgundy brocade as a lining.  

I made a muslin, but it required no alterations as far as we could determine, so I cut the pieces and began construction. 

We did debate whether or not to use bound buttonholes, but the fabric was just a hair too spongy for an application requiring such precision (that, and my precision sewing skills are a little rusty).

I had a bit of difficulty with the single-welt pocket, but it still turned out half-decent. 

It took a few tries to get the lapels attached and lined up correctly, but I'd say the effort was worth it.

Because I was distracted by the challenges of the lapels, I had to bind the armholes instead of attaching the lining to the armholes from the inside.

Here is the final result after it was worn almost daily on a road trip to from Vancouver to Sacramento and back.  I don't have any close-up photos of the buttonholes, but they were stitched in burgundy thread to match the lining.

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