Friday, 3 April 2015

New Look 6150 review, Part 2

After the relatively simple project that was the T-shirt version of the top, I was hoping that the wrap top would be of a similar difficulty.  Short version? It wasn't.

I chose the same jersey knit, in a different print,
 and based on the amount of ease in the pattern, I opted not to do an FBA, just to test.

I traced the pattern pieces and cut them out, which was where the challenges of working from stash fabric come in.  I was about 10cm short of having enough fabric to cut all the pieces, so I had to piece the outer front near the hem.

I followed the directions as given in the pattern, although I did lengthen the sleeves about 5 cm.

The directions for the collar and front were a little hard to follow, especially for the forming of the pleat that helps to form the lapel.  Next time, I will figure out the assembly process on my own.

Also for next time:

1) Do an FBA.  The top can be worn, but the upper edge of the draped front hits a little high.
2) Lengthen the top about 7-8 cm and do a swayback/big bum adjustment.

Pattern ratings:

  • Size range: 3/5 -- New Look is a division of Simplicity, so the pattern only runs up to an 18.
  • Instructions: 4/5 -- The clarity depends on the view.  The T-shirt is easy to follow, the wrap top, not so much.
  • Construction process: 3/5 -- Could be much more streamlined.
  • Final fit: 4/5 -- The shoulders, sleeves, and back fit fine, The front fits without gaping at the front, but is a little tight and pulls on the back of the neck.  It's a little short for my comfort, too, with a minor tendency to ride up in the back.  That might because of the need for the full bust adjustment, but I think I'd adjust the length anyway.
  • Overall rating: 4/5

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