Friday, 2 September 2016

Boys' vests - McCall M7223

After seeing their the vests I had made for their older brother (Version 1 & Version 2), my younger sons wanted something similar for their wardrobes for Sundays and special occasions.  Enter McCall's M7223, a boys vest with four variations, long tie, bow tie, and cummerbund.

I first made one for my youngest son, who is more-or-less a nine-year-old version of his older brother's build. I opted for the V-neck version, but without the faux pocket welts.  I used an Indian-style polyester brocade with a fancy border print.  I modified the layout to take advantage of the denser pattern along the front opening.  The lining is a pewter-grey bemberg rayon I had lying around from another project.  I thought it gave a nicer finish than plain black.

Obviously, he had a growth spurt since I took his measurements  :(

I also made one for my middle son.  Unlike his brothers, he is less lanky and more compact of build. What surprised me was his choice of colour.  Since he normally opts for browns, greys, and muddy olive drabs, his asking for a green vest was a pleasant surprise.  So, of course, I had to pick the brightest, most heavily brocaded green in the store.  There was enough fabric left to make a matching tie.
Blue brocaded with silver, Green brocaded with silver and gold.
All dressed up for a family wedding.
I pretty much made everything according to the pattern directions -- except for the ties on the backs of the vests: the brocades frayed too much to stitch and then turn them, so I pressed the edges into the centre then stitched the folded edges together.

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